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Come on in, the dragons don't bite!

The inspiration for my art has always been dragons. 


Most of my childhood I tried to draw dragons, but I never quite captured the essence of the magical beasts in my imagination.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered that the dragons in my head never looked quite right on paper because they so desperately wanted to live in the 3-dimensional world.   


Not long after I began sculpting dragons, I named my studio in honor of this fabled beast.   I create more than dragons now - I routinely find tentacled beings, faeries, and other creatures emerging from my clay.

I show and sell my creatures and whimsical creations at a few of my favorite SciFi/Fantasy/Comic conventions around the Southeast.   You can see my list of upcoming conventions and fairs on my events page. 


Call, text, or email to find out more about adopting one of my magical creatures or how I can create one using your imagination and my hands!


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Caged Faerie

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